Month: July 2017



Conducting workshops on different subjects has been a tradition in I Design since its inception.Breaking the daily routine, they help us get a fresh perspective on various topics of both professional and personal significance. Subscribe us for regular updates regarding the upcoming workshops. We would be glad to have you there.

A workshop on Ferro-cement construction was conducted by Ar. Swati Vaidya at Brick School of Architecture in January, 2017. Students were introduced to the concept of Ferro-cement as a material, and how it can be applied to designs, especially the form-oriented ones. This was a three- day workshop where students got hands on experience in building small design prototypes.

Architect Rajdatta Dweang, renowned freelance artist in Pune, held an Abstract painting workshop at I Design studio in March, 2017. It involved six hours of honing of skills in painting, starting from basic beginner techniques to some unique knife strokes.

It was not just a fun learning experience for the participants, but also was a great stress buster in
their hectic schedule.
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